IT Services: Better Performance and Increased Reliability

  • We are there when you need it.
    We can dramatically improve your computer’s performance, make them faster, with more storage for data storage.
    Whether your computer needs hardware, software, or memory installed, we can take care of it for you.

Certified Connection can act as your IT department – at home and in the office.

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Networking: Connecting Your Personal Life and Business Life

    • Share a high-speed Internet connection
      All of your computers and mobile devices can access the Internet simultaneously through a single Internet connection. The entire family can use a single line to access the web at record speeds!
    • Share printers, files, and more
      Everyone on the network can use the same printer, scanner, external drives, etc. You can move files on your network from one computer to another.
    • Play multi-player games
      Go head-to-head with another family member and play any multi-player game on your PC or game system.

      Certified Connection can wire, install, and set up a complete, easy-to-use computer network for your home. We can even design part of the system to be wireless so you can take your laptop anywhere on your property. We’ll also provide training and support whenever you need it.

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      Smart Wiring: Integrating Your Technology

      • Experienced professionals
        Certified Connection’s staff of technical professionals will design and install a smart home wiring system to meet your needs for integrated systems.
      • Smart integration
        We can wire your home to allow seamless integration of audio, video, voice, and data networking throughout your home.
      • Watch or listen to anything, anywhere
        Enjoy music in every room of the home – or even in the yard. See who is at the front door from any TV! These are just some of the options that we offer for smart home living.

      Certified Connection can bring you into the 21st century! Smart home or structured wiring is specifically designed to integrate home networking, telecommunications, audio/video, and home automation into a complete home system solution. We can anticipate the installation of future technologically advanced components.

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      Home Automation: Simplifying Your Life

        • Whole house audio and video
          Select from a variety of music sources (such as CDs, radio, satellite music, etc.) and adjust the volume, switch channels, or change discs from any room.
        • Home theater
          Create the full cinema experience with a single touch of a button, automating audio, video, projector, screen, lighting, and drapes.
        • Home environment
          Monitor surveillance cameras and motion detectors, check for open windows or ajar doors, and arm or disarm your security system zone by zone.

          Your home technology should be easy and simple to use. But how do you tie together the dozens of components and systems scattered throughout your house to make them work the way you want? Automation systems from Certified Connection can do all of this and more.

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          Home Theaters: Maximizing Your Experience

            • Movies can take you away!
              Now you can enjoy a true theater experience from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
            • Customize your home theater
              Certified Connection works with the needs and budgets of each client to deliver a customized experience – from dedicated theaters to simple but effective home entertainment systems.
            • Maximize your experience
              Home theater can mean many things to different people. From a dedicated room with a 10-foot screen, projection system, and theater seating to a family room with a wide-screen TV and surround sound system, Certified Connection will maximize your theater experience.

              Certified Connection will carefully hand-select and install all of the components for your home theater. A well-designed home cinema will rival or even beat the local movie theater experience, with outstanding picture and high-quality video and surround sound.

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              Audio/Video Distribution: Music and Movies Anywhere

              • Music anywhere – from a single source
                Walk into a room, touch a button on a wall-mounted keypad or touch screen, and select your music from a variety of sources.
              • Simple and convenient control from any room
                It’s as easy as turning on a light switch. You can hear what you want without bothering anyone else.
              • Simple and elegant solutions Installing speakers throughout your home and yard allows you to maximize your listening enjoyment wherever you happen to be.

              Music sets the mood no matter where you’re working or playing – whether you’re entertaining in the evening or just relaxing by yourself on a Sunday morning. Let Certified Connection bring multi-room music into your home.

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              Lighting Systems: Making Life Brighter and Greener

              • Vacation mode
                When vacation mode is activated, the system plays back the actual activities of the family, providing a realistic appearance of activity when no one is home.
              • Telephone interface
                An optional telephone interface allows the homeowner to access and control numerous functions or events from any touch-tone phone.
              • Astronomic time clock
                The lighting control system contains an astronomic time clock that tracks the seasons for your home’s longitude and latitude. Program the lights to automatically come on 30 minutes after sundown and/or lower your shades at noon.

              A whole home lighting control system eliminates the need to go from room to room to light your home – allowing complete control of your lighting and entertainment from a simple, easy-to-use keypad located anywhere you select.

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              Phone Systems: Doing More with Your Phone

                • Complete home intercom system
                  Imagine being able to tell your kids in the playroom upstairs that dinner is ready – from your phone in the kitchen downstairs!
                • Check on the baby
                  Your phone system can be configured to function as a baby monitor, allowing you to monitor your child’s room while you are otherwise occupied.
                • Answer the door from any phone
                  When a visitor presses the doorbell at the front door, the phone rings in your home with a distinctive ring. Pick up the phone anywhere in the house to talk with the person at the door.

                  Certified Connection can wire and install an advanced phone system for your home. The system’s capabilities will add convenience and a wide range of functions that you may never have thought possible.

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